The Casual artist 

An Introduction

Welcome to my page! I’m a young 19 year old boy who is currently on a gap year before going to uni next year to study Biology (hopefully at Durham). 

     At this moment in time I’m living in germany for a few months in order to learn German properly after doing it for a level, which is a whole adventure in itself and really would require its own blog!

     Despite choosing to study Biology further at university, art still remains one of my favourite things to do; whether that be painting or drawing or making things. I sold my first painting when I was around 9 years old, but I would definitely say my style has evolved since I painted those abstract palm trees. Instead I prefer to keep away from landscapes and focus on creating realistic portraits of people and animals. 

    Read my blog posts to look at my works and learn more about the processes behind them! 

I hope you enjoy my pieces and maybe even find my explanations of how I work useful. Patience would be my greatest tip.

Robert Mitchell 


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